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Clouse Brown lawyers provide extensive trial experience in state and federal courts throughout Texas and the entire country. Our team also has a deep background in arbitration of employment disputes and compliance actions initiated by government agencies. We offer decades of employment law expertise, including producing effective courtroom strategies.

Clients turn to Clouse Brown for help in avoiding the courtroom altogether. Whether partnering with in-house teams for workplace investigations, or negotiating executive agreements with effective exit strategies, we try to keep our clients out of lawsuits.

When litigation is unavoidable, we bring our “A-game” to the courtroom. Whether we are enforcing an executive agreement, or defending trade secret claims, we devote our resources to thorough preparation and effective courtroom presentation. Our zealous advocates never back down from a litigation challenge.

The Clouse Brown team has significant experience in fast-paced injunction litigation, including complex trade secret, noncompete, and fiduciary duty cases. Our attorneys are skilled with forensic protocols and provide guidance on best practices for preservation of evidence and data.

Our deep litigation experience allows us to assess opportunities for resolution at key points in each engagement. From the outset, we work with our clients to develop a carefully tailored strategy to achieve litigation AND business goals in the most efficient way possible.

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