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Attorney of the MonthWith almost three decades as a lawyer under his belt, Clouse Brown name partner Keith Clouse has learned how to get his clients from Point A (dispute) to Point B (resolution) as efficiently and painlessly as possible.

“I just pick up the phone, call opposing counsel and try to have a conversation,” Keith told Attorney at Law magazine, which featured Keith in its Dec. 7 cover story, “Building a Legal Career in Employment Law.” “I can generally see a path to resolution and then I try to work with opposing counsel to get the case resolved in a way where nobody is made to look bad. This approach can quickly and efficiently resolve disputes which might otherwise take 2-3 years to litigate or arbitrate.”Keith Clouse, Clouse Brown

In the profile, Keith discusses how he became a labor and employment lawyer, what trends he sees affecting the employer-employee relationship, and what his fantasy job is.

The full text of the profile is here:

Clouse Brown PLLC

Clouse Brown is a Dallas-based employment law boutique. The firm represents senior executives, business owners, physicians, corporations and others in a variety of complex employment litigation, arbitration and negotiations.

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